Exhibitions FAQ

Q: When is the exhibition that I am applying for?

A: All applicants will be considered for solo, two person, and group exhibitions and residencies in 2017 and 2018. We will take your schedule into consideration.

Q: How long is the exhibition if I am accepted?

A:  Exhibitions vary in length from 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: Who will review my application?

A: A volunteer panel of 5-7 artists, curators, art critics and writers.

Q: Is the call for entries open to international artists?

A: Call for Entries is open to national and international artists. Artists should note that they are responsible for all installation costs associated with the installation of their exhibition: shipment of their artwork to and from Redux, travel costs, and accommodations. The honorarium is to help offset installation and travel costs.

Q: Can I submit older artwork in my application that has already sold?

A: Yes. Redux chooses artists based on the work they submit but does not expect that the exhibition they have at Redux will be of the exact work submitted, although the exhibition can be of the work submitted. If selected for an exhibition, Redux will work with each artist individually. Redux is meant to be an experimental exhibition space that gives artists complete freedom and control over their project(s).

Q: If I am submitting video work, how long should my video be?

A: Please keep video submissions under 3 min. You may include longer videos, but the jury panel will only review the 3 min video submission.

Q: Can I submit a detail?  Will that count as one of my 5-25 entries?

A: You may submit a detail of your work, however it will count as one of your 5-25 images.

Q: How many artists will be chosen for an exhibition at Redux?

A: The quantity of artists chosen for exhibitions depends on the quality of work submitted. Redux Contemporary Art Center produces at least 6 exhibitions per year in our gallery space. A diverse range of risk-taking exhibitions are produced each year covering a wide range of topics through solo, two-person and group exhibitions. Please review the past exhibitions section of the website.

Q: Does my resume effect the juror’s decision to choose my work for an exhibition?

A: Jurors are able to review all materials submitted via SlideRoom, but ultimately the submissions are ranked on the quality of artwork and the proposal for exhibition.

Q: What style of work does Redux usually look for?

A: The jurors are given strict instructions to consider all of the work that has been submitted, regardless of any personal preferences that they may have. Artistic integrity is priority #1. Our goal is to attract accomplished emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists, and to provide these artists with the opportunity to create work freely with total control of their project(s), while engaging with our community. We want Charleston and the southeast to experience first-hand the complex artistic processes behind some of today’s most intriguing and thought-provoking art. Redux will continue to bring exciting new work to the southeast and showcase a quality of work that is comparable to that seen in larger cities across the United States.

Q: Do I need to have a BFA or MFA to apply for an exhibition?

A: No. While many of our exhibiting artists do have some form of academic training, there is no educational requirement for being considered for an exhibition at Redux.

Q: Other than the entry fee, are there any additional fees if I am chosen for a residency, solo, group or two-person exhibition?

A: Artists should note that they are responsible for all installation costs associated with the mounting of their exhibition: shipment of their artwork to and from the Redux facility, travel costs, and accommodations. We provide each artist with an honorarium to help offset the artist’s installation and travel costs. We strive to find housing to provide, but cannot guarantee that. Promotion of exhibitions will be paid for by Redux, which includes but not limited to: exhibition postcards, posters, and other such material. Opening Reception costs will also be paid for by Redux.

Q: Why does it cost me $40 to apply for an exhibition or residency at Redux?

Redux is a nonprofit community art center with a modest annual operating budget. The submission fees help to support artist stipends. They are also used to pay for the software that organizes the submissions.

Q: How often can I apply for an exhibition or residency?

A: You may apply every year.

Q: Do I need gallery representation to enter?

A: No.  You may enter the competition regardless of whether you have gallery representation.

Q: How long does it take to get a response and how will I be notified?

A: All artists will be notified via email within two months of the close of the Call for Entries.

Q: How do artists benefit from having an exhibition at Redux?

A: Each exhibiting artist will be provided with an honorarium up to $2,000, to offset their expenses. An exhibition at Redux is a great opportunity for artists to develop a dream project without the restraints of a commercial space.  The results of having an exhibition at Redux differ for every artist, but most report a significant amount of contact as a direct result of their exhibition.  For some artists, having an exhibition at Redux results in sales, for others it results in new gallery representation, media coverage, or the inclusion of work in other galleries. As our organization grows, the possibilities for artists increase exponentially. Charleston is home to a vibrant arts community, set in an attractive, historic city with a booming culinary scene, singular architecture, and wonderful nearby beaches too.

Q: How many pieces will I need to make if I’m invited to Redux to complete a site-specific exhibition?

A: Artists that are chosen to create works on site, must complete enough work to fill the galleries. Redux recognizes that artists create work at varying speeds and if chosen, Redux will work with each artist’s individual needs. Artists chosen for a residency or site-specific exhibition are encouraged to complete work in their studio prior to the exhibition if the residency does not allow for enough time to fill the gallery. Gallery Floor Plan


If your question wasn’t answered, please email beth@reduxstudios.org and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


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